As a result of our combined experience as both medical professionals working in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, and legal professionals with experience in the medical sector, we pride ourselves in being experts who can help find you the experts that you are looking for. Our personal experience makes us best placed to understand all aspects of employment in the medical sector, be it the professional qualifications and personal qualities required by a doctor, the internal processes’ of  a hospital and the dynamics of working in a team. Our legal expertise means that we are also able to deal with complex situations arising as a result of increased applications from EU countries and the associated legal questions that arise.

Through our professional and personal contacts and our subsidiaries and representatives in many countries, we have access to a large, diverse network of doctors.


We place particular value on undertaking targeted research based on the specification of an exact profile for the candidate you are looking for; this should be agreed upon by all key members of the department.

On the basis of this profile we will look for potential candidates and make a pre-selection so that you are only presented with applicants who have the necessary  professional qualifications and personal characteristics that make them suitable for the position.


In order to ensure that the application process is as efficient and effective as possible, we can also offer complementary services such as the formulation and placement of advertisements, translation of documents, registration with the relevant association, language testing, relocation services and all other matters relating to taking on a new appointment. This allows new employees to focus purely on the job in hand and not have their time taken up with organisational and administrative matters.

Our job is not over with the placement of a suitable applicant – we want to maintain contact and deal with any matters that may arise in order to ensure the smooth inclusion into the team.

Our second area of focus lies in the consultancy services that we offer. As a result of our professional experience, we are well qualified to consult on hospital and organisational matters as well as personnel and team issues and can offer conflict management and team-building services.

It goes without saying that we handle all data and information with absolute discretion and employ the highest level of data protection within our organisation.


Finding and placing highly qualified medical personal

Accompanying services (translation of documents, language testing, registration with the required association etc)

Placement and monitoring of  job advertismnet

Personal development

Advice relating  to personal and team issues including team building and conflict management services

Consultancy services on ‚hospitals‘ and organistional matters