It has become increasingly difficult and time consuming for employers to fill open positions. As a result of increased competition it is often not possible to find suitably qualified applicants or to fill positions within the desired timeframe. Open positions place an additional strain on existing resources and lead to dissatisfaction within the team and the reduced capability to provide good patient care.

The main advantage of  using ANTOMED is that you gain access to a large international network of professionals, making it easier to find suitable applicants. We can find you highly qualified personnel that both suit your organisation and fit into the existing team

We are a highly professional team of experts best placed to handle all aspects of your application process. Use us and benefit from our experience, expertise and large network.


As a result of our combined experience as medical professionals working in hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry and legal professionals with experience in consultancy services we are ourselves experts who can help find you the experts that you are looking for. Our personal experience makes us best placed to understand all aspects of employment in the medical sector, be it the professional qualifications and personal qualities required by a doctor, the process operations in a hospital and the dynamics of working in a hospital team. Our legal expertise means that we are also able to deal with complex situations arising as a result of increased applications from EU countries.

An additional advantage is that we not only handle all aspects of recruitment, but are also able to offer consultancy services regarding personnel and team issues that relate to business and organisational issues.