Leistungen von unserer Ärztevermittlung


Are you looking for a new challenge? Would you like a new assignment? Are you seeking a new opportunity in Austria, or perhaps somewhere else in Europe or even worldwide? Would you like to obtain further qualifications....?

Perhaps you are currently dissatisfied with the scope of your role or the terms of your employment and are seeking a new feeling of satisfaction and appreciation?
Or perhaps you have just finished your studies and are looking for assistance in starting your career?

Register with us for free and without obligation, and we can help you find new opportunities that meet your goals and satisfy your wishes and we will support you along your chosen career path. As a follow-up to the online registration, we would obviously welcome the opportunity to meet face to face to learn more about you and to define in detail your goals and expectations.


Our management team, comprising experts from both the medical and legal field, is best placed to understand all aspects associated with finding a suitable employment opportunity that meets your qualifications and expectations.

We do not see ourselves purely as an intermediary between those seeking new career opportunities and potential employers, but as professional recruitment consultants who can help you with your career planning and associated personal development. A successful placement is not the automatic end of the relationship for us; we would welcome the opportunity to stay in touch and to follow your career if that is of interest to you.


We are particularly well placed to assist with all matters relating to working in a new country, be it a transfer from another country to working in Austria or alternatively a move abroad! We can offer advice on the recognition of qualifications and on legal matters associated with such a move.

You will not be charged for our contact/placement services with a new employer.

In order to ensure a successful placement, we require certain personal details from you, which we will handle with the upmost integrity. Discretion and the upmost levels of data-security are of key importance to us.


Finding a suitable employment opportunity that meets your qualifactions and expectations.

Arranging  contact with potential employers in a hospital or pharmaceutical company for example.

Make no charge for recruitment services.

Offer career development and consultancy services.

Provide consultancy services on the establishment / handing over of a Doctors’ surgery.

Consult with regard to question concerning recognition of qualifications abroad.

Offer additional services (such as the translation of documents, entry into the official doctor's register, organisation of language tests, relocation services etc).

Ensure that the highest levels of data security and discretion are adhered to at all times.