Antomed’s unique advantage comes from its highly developed understanding of the medical industry and an extensive network of contacts and partners, making it possible to offer you a multitude of new opportunities, previously not available in this form.

From the myriad of open positions and in accordance with your goals and ambition, we can help you find the optimum opportunity, possibly abbroad should that be of interest, and save you time in the process. As we respect the need for discretion, it is possible to find out more about a whole range of possibilities before actively perusing a vacancy of interest.


As our team comprises experts from both the medical and legal field, we are able to combine these two areas of competence, both in theoretical and practical terms. Through our personal experience and extensive network we have an in depth knowledge of the medical sector and its unique requirements and are well-positioned to provide you with a high level consultancy service.

We are also best placed to assist you with a number of additional services such as offering advice on legal matters, translating documentation, organising inclusion on the registered list of doctors and associated bodies, offering relocation assistance, organising language proficiency testing and all other matters arising through the new appointment.

By applying the most modern technology we are also able to guarantee you the highest level of data protection. Your trust in us is exceptionally important to us and you can be assured of our complete discretion at all times.