It goes without saying that data protection is of the highest priority to us. We will only elicit, utilise and store information if we have your express agreement to do so and only in compliance with the boundaries as set out in the Austrian Data Protection Act. Our technical systems not only meet the legal minimum standards of security, they exceed them in order to ensure that they fulfil our personal high standards to ensure against any unauthorised attempt to access your private information.


Private information will only be passed on with your consent and only with regard to an active application process.

Our internet platform utilises 'cookies' to ensure that is is user friendly, efficient and secure. Cookies are text files that are sent to, and temporarily stored on, the hard drive of the host server when someone visits an Internet site. Repeated access to the website by the user results in the browser sending back the previously received cookie to the server. This enables the server to analyse and evaluate the information received. The use of cookies can be enabled by the user through the browser settings on the device being used. Predominantly the cookies that we use are known as 'session cookies' and will be deleted at the end of a search.

Access to our internet site and to the individual stored files, as in the case for most websites, is recorded for internal monitoring and analysis purposes. Information relating to the notification of a successful search, the IP address of the requesting server, the pages accessed, the date and time of the request and the volume of the data transferred is recorded.

​Personal information on the other hand is only stored or used if we have your express authorisation to do so. Our customers can be assured that we employ the highest levels of security and privacy.